Jaquie Brown’s Kitchen Renovation Dream Comes True

Well, it’s happened! I know I’m acting like this is some major life changing event, but to me it kinda is. The old kitchen has been ripped out (RIP) and sent to old kitchen heaven and the new one has taken it’s place. In all its shiny, soft closing, hidden drawer, extra storage glory. And by glory I do mean GLORY. It is beautiful.


When Alison from Jag was prepping me for the change she suggested getting the kids involved, letting them go bananas on the old kitchen with some pens. Something I’d never normally encourage – obviously. But they loved it.

Getting everything out of the cupboards was a 2 day event, thankfully I had help. And the great thing about clearing out drawers and shelves you know are going to be dismantled, there’s no pressure to clean them.

Why was I keeping half opened bags of flour that were six years old and why did I have a plastic bag full of toothpicks and why didn’t anyone tell me spices go off after a year? The new me with a new kitchen will be more streamlined (hopefully).

Getting the kitchen out was easy for me, because I didn’t lift a finger. I sat in the other room drinking tea checking Facebook. But the team were fast and efficient. We did hit a snag though which I was told is common. Every kitchen has something!

Once my kitchen had been removed we discovered the wooden floorboards didn’t go all the way underneath as we’d assumed, and left a square of exposed concrete on the floor. I was so impressed with how quickly the team came up with a solution. Now I have a tidy little wine rack that fits the space perfectly. Cheers!


It took a day to install and get everything hooked up again, in the meantime the kids and I had takeaways and made huts and watched it all take shape.

Having the kitchen finished has given the whole area a facelift. It looks younger and fresher, like it’s had a holiday in Fiji with a suitcase of Botox. Everything is so smooth and clean looking, the only problem I have is remembering where I’ve put all my things – but that’s not a bad problem to have.


This experience with Jag has been great, easier and way faster than I expected. So great I’ve booked them in to re-do our laundry!

Thank you to everyone at Jag Kitchens for making my kitchen renovation dream come true.


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