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Thinking about renovating your kitchen this year, but unsure where to start or where to focus your design aesthetic? Below we have listed our top five 2019 kitchen design trends that will ensure your new kitchen is in style and on point in all the right ways, while sparing you the needless fads.


These design trends will last the distance and not just the year, so you can rest assured that when selecting to incorporate one of the below kitchen trends, your final design outcome will be fresh, modern and stylish.

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Mixed materials kitchen with Jag Kitchens

Kitchen Textures

Leading the pack for 2019 kitchen design trends is texture, and lots of it! We’ll be seeing plenty of grainy wooden and wood-look cabinetry, there’ll be plenty of textural surfaces such as concrete (or engineered stone, which ensures a much higher return on investment) as well as interesting mixed metals.

Texture doesn’t necessarily need to equate to ‘industrial chic’, whereby if you choose just one or two textures to work with within your kitchen design, you will be able to make them work within the overall style and aesthetic you’re after. It could mean steering clear of concrete and focussing on some mixed metals throughout your handles and tapware, or it could mean letting an island bench do the talking with a stand-out benchtop counter. Another option to consider is a textured splashback through the use of tiling, or a metal-look splashback through the use of the innovative Metalier product. Whatever your decision, mixed textures can co-mingle to create so many different looks – from industrial, right through to a striking organic design.

Black Kitchens

Monochrome kitchen by Jag Kitchens

Monochrome and black kitchens have been trending for a while already, and it doesn’t look to be slowing any time soon! Unsure if you’d like to go all out with black cabinetry and appliances? Try the trend by utilising specific elements within your kitchen design, as detailed in our image . A stand-out black engineered stone benchtop, black tiled splashbacks, black pendant lighting or a blackboard feature wall are all trending design points within the overall black kitchen trend that can freshen up and pay homage to the black kitchen trend while not going all out.

Or perhaps you are prepared to go all in for the black kitchen trend? Check out one of our recent case studies, where our client decided that the black kitchen trend was exactly what they were after!

Timber with Neutrals

Kitchen with timber and neutrals with Jag KitchensAgain, the timber or wooden kitchen design trend became well established last year and like the black kitchen design trend, doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. From cabinetry through to flooring and seating, there are plenty of ways to add a little timber or wooden finish into your kitchen design. This year, to accompany the big new trend of textures, we’re also seeing timber and wooden kitchens paired with plenty of neutrals. Paired together, timber and light tones create a very on-trend Scandinavian feel – fresh, minimalistic and uber stylish.

Upper Cabinet Lighting

When piecing together your new kitchen design, it is really important to consider the lighting options that you’ll have. It’s not just a case of remembering to select decent ceiling lighting or pendants for over the kitchen island bench. Upper cabinet lighting has been around for years, so it’s not really a “trend” for 2019, but something that is definitely worth a mention due to its importance within overall kitchen design. Also called ‘task lighting’, having light in your upper cabinets that illuminate your benchtops ensures safer and easier worktops. Relying solely on overhead lighting is a thing of the past!

Kitchen Technology

The best time to consider new technology for the kitchen is right before you’re due to install a brand new kitchen design! We’re not talking space-age inventions, but technology in the kitchen space has come a long way.

Pantry and storage solutions with Jag Kitchens

From hidden plugs and outlets to create a seamless (and safer) look throughout, cabinet storage features like pantry solutions, in-built corner cutlery trays, right through to hidden charging stations and built-in rubbish and pull-out recycling disposal units in your cabinets. Talk to one of our kitchen design consultants to see what kitchen technologies are available to help reach into corner cabinets, or ceiling-height pantries. We have a kitchen design solution for most!

Alongside our own benchtop manufacturing plant, the Jag Kitchens Design Team work with trusted suppliers to adapt ideal kitchens to enhance your space.

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