5 Day Benchtop Installation

How a 5 day bench top installation reduces inconvenience and stress when installing a new kitchen...

If you have been thinking about the exciting prospect of having a new kitchen installed but have concerns about the length of time it will take to complete the project you are not alone.

Many of the visitors to our showroom tell us they have been put off starting a kitchen project having heard horror stories from friend and work colleagues about how long they were without a working kitchen.

Most people are realistic and realize that there is going to be some disruption in their lives but at Jag Kitchens we aim to keep that to a minimum.

Having our own bench top factory has allowed us to reduce the wait for a stone bench top to five working days after the cabinet installation.

We also offer a full building and trades management service. This can further reduce the time you are without a working kitchen.

If you would like more information please call into Jag’s showroom in the Botany Town Centre (right next to The Warehouse) or phone or email for a design appointment.

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