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Looking ahead to a new year, there’s no doubt that the kitchen has evolved from merely a cooking space in the house, to a hub of activity. More often than not, kitchens these days are open plan and are designed for cooking, dining, entertaining, and so much more.

Barn Door for the pantry | Jag KitchensGiven the current climate of the world and the various phases of lockdowns we’ve found ourselves in, it’s no wonder that the kitchen has continued to morph from a space in which we spend incremental parts of our day, to a focal point within the home. If you’re therefore looking at renovating this year, here are some kitchen design trends that are leading the way for 2022.

Walk-In Pantries

As we’ve spent the last two years predominantly living and working from home, there has been an upsurge in purchases of home appliances, cookbooks, utensils and more. So the question is – where to store it all? Walk-in pantries don’t necessarily need to be the size of a small bedroom, it is all in the way you design the interior. Think clever shelving, storage solutions and coffee stations. Everything has a well defined place within a walk-in!

Island Splashbacks

We all know that splashbacks above the oven and the sink make a lot of sense. As well as adding a pop of interesting colour or texture, splashbacks are great for protecting walls from splashes, marks and stains. So it’s no wonder that splashbacks on kitchen islands have become so popular. We’re seeing a lot of tiling, bright pops of colour or wood panelling. It looks great, and the best part is – it helps to protect from splashes, shoe scuffing and scratches.

Butler Sinks & Workstations

Sinks and workstations | Jag KitchensThe past year has proven that spaces in our home must be able to serve multiple functions, and the kitchen sink is no different! Side-by-side, galley-style or sinks that can be sectioned or separated are proving popular as they allow for you to conduct multiple tasks at once – for example, washing dishes and food prep. Butler-style sinks are both popular in design as well as function, as they are deep-set allowing for efficient kitchen tasks ranging from washing vegetables to scrubbing the largest pots in the house!

Natural Tones & Textures

This trend isn’t exactly new, but is still worth mentioning – natural earthy tones and timber textures are here to stay for the long haul. Greens and blues will continue to be popular throughout 2022, from the muted and dusky hues, right through to the more bolder tones. The light timber veneer and wooden features that accompany these tones help to balance the design, and are often used for two-tone cabinetry, island splashbacks, as well as kitchen accessories like breakfast bar stools.

Smart Gadgets & Appliances

Smart appliances and gadgets continue to grow in popularity, and there’s no shortage of them out there! Many appliances are in the throes of upgrades and having new features added, which usually boils down to one specific thing: time efficiency. Being able to pre-heat your oven, or alerted to shopping lists and refrigerator inventories, right through to the convenience of sourcing new recipes ideas for ingredients you have on hand, all helps with the day-to-day busyness of life.

It is always best to discuss your kitchen design aspirations with a professional kitchen designer who will be able to craft your vision and ensure it suits the style and space of your home. Jag Kitchens’ design consultants can do just that, whilst also ensuring your new kitchen is delivered on time and within budget.

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