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The kitchen is a constantly evolving hub of activity for most households, and none more so than across the last couple of years. Many of us have gone from spending time in the kitchen cooking during specific parts of the day, to it being a focal point for entertaining, gatherings and family time.

With that in mind, here are out 5 top picks for kitchen design trends to keep an eye on for 2023.

Stained Glass Accents

Glass panelling or doors on cabinets fell out of favour some time ago, but in recent times have been having a surge of activity once more. They’re a great option to add something a little different within your kitchen design, so we would advise keeping it as a feature as opposed to an all-over design. Selecting a prominent cabinet or two will give your kitchen a dash of interest and a sprinkle of texture.

Two Tone Cabinetry

This has been a big trend throughout the last year, and shows no signs of slowing down. The great thing about this kitchen cabinetry trend is that it can be updated to move in sequence with the kitchen colour trends of the time. We’ve previously seen a lot of monochrome (black and white) two-tone cabinetry, and more recently sage greens, natural beiges and misty blues.

Island Splashbacks

We all know that splashbacks above the oven and the sink make a lot of sense. As well as adding a pop of interesting colour or texture, splashbacks are great for protecting walls from splashes, marks and stains. So it’s no wonder that splashbacks on kitchen islands have become so popular. We’re seeing a lot of tiling, bright pops of colour or wood panelling. It looks great, and the best part is – it helps to protect from splashes, shoe scuffing and scratches.

Colour Pops

Gordon Ramsay made big waves with his blue kitchen a few years ago, and while bold colours still have their place, we’re seeing ‘pops’ emerge as opposed to all over colour. This is a great way to experiment and add accents of your own personality into your kitchen while ensuring its longevity for trends to come.

Mixed Metallics

Gone are the days when you were told, “you can’t mix silver with gold”! Mixed metallics are in, and we expect this trend to continue to grow across the next year. Adding texture and muted colour, mixing your metals is easily done. Think small accents like hardware like sinks, taps, and cupboard handles or go large with benchtops, splashbacks and lighting.


Thinking about refreshing your kitchen design next year? The beauty of choosing Jag Kitchens is that our experienced designers know what works and what doesn’t – and can help you make design choices for a kitchen design that you can be confident in. We’ll be beside you every step of the way, turning your dream kitchen into reality!

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