Safeguard your kitchen from moisture damage with AQUA-SEAL™

Jag’s AQUA-SEAL™ edge banding system dramatically reduces the likelihood of moisture damage to your cabinets

Are your cabinets at risk of moisture damage?

All kitchen cabinetry and interiors are at risk of moisture damage, regardless of being an older design or brand new. Moisture is typically unavoidable due to steam, washing up and general humidity. Many cabinets in older kitchen designs can therefore fall victim to moisture damage, in the form of bubbling, lifting and warping.

Where are the most likely places for moisture build up in your kitchen?

  • Your pantry
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • In-between and around built-in appliances such as recessed dishwasher drawers
  • Under the sink

Luckily, when you book your kitchen design and build with Jag, we will safe-guard your kitchen from falling victim to the harm of moisture damage.

Whitford Kitchen by Jag Kitchens

AQUA-SEAL™ helps you to avoid any costly mistakes during your new kitchen build

How does it work?

AQUA-SEAL™ is a new highly advanced edge banding system that gives melamine and acrylic cabinet doors a fantastic seamless look. This means that Jag Kitchens are not only able to produce melamine and acrylic doors that are very resistant to chipping, but are also highly moisture resistant.

Standing up against kitchen moisture - the ultimate challenge

We wanted to ensure that the AQUA-SEAL™ system could stand the test of time, so created a challenge to put our AQUA-SEAL™ edge banded doors through the ultimate torture test! Blocks of both AQUA-SEAL™ edged doors and conventionally edge banded doors were put through a full hot dishwasher cycle as well as a hot bath in an oven, to see how they stood up to ultimate moisture testing.

The outcome of the AQUA-SEAL™ edged blocks was so fantastic (they were unscathed) compared to the conventional edged blocks (they were bloated and damaged), that we are confident in offering a 10 year warranty on this product, and can apply it to all of our custom-built melamine and acrylic cabinetry.

Safeguarding your kitchen design long-term

When you design and build your kitchen with Jag Kitchens, you'll be assured of the following;

  • Quality kitchen design, custom-built to your requirements
  • AQUA-SEAL™ edge banding system applied to all melamine and acrylic cabinetry
  • A moisture resistant kitchen that fares well against the damages that humidity brings
  • A 10 year warranty on all AQUA-SEAL™ edged cabinetry

Interested in a new kitchen design but still have some questions?

No problem. Perhaps you are working through your kitchen design budget and would like our input? Or maybe the pricing of new kitchens seems overwhelming and you are unsure of the overall process?

Check out our case studies for real-life kitchen renovations, specifically ones that have worked within a tight budget.

You can also head over to our Why Jag page, give us a call, visit the showroom or book in to make an appointment with one of our design consultants, free of charge. We look forward to hearing from you.