As the season shifts to the cooler, reflective months of autumn, the design team at Jag Kitchens have been closely observing emerging trends in kitchen design. Dedicated to blending functionality with cutting-edge aesthetics, our team has noted several key styles rising through the ranks. These trends not only reflect the current design landscape but also align with the unique needs and lifestyles of Auckland’s homeowners.

Here’s a look at ‘what’s hot’ in kitchen design this autumn, guided by the expert insights from our kitchen designers at Jag.

What’s In

Marble-Veined Splashbacks
Marble continues to make its mark in kitchen design, adding a touch of luxury and depth. Its intricate veining brings an element of the outdoors inside, perfect for those looking to blend natural beauty with modern aesthetics.

Multipurpose Kitchen Islands
The heart of the kitchen evolves with islands that serve multiple functions. From dining to entertaining, modern islands are designed to accommodate everything you need, integrating storage solutions and seating to maximise space and utility.

Floating Shelves
Say goodbye to upper cabinets and embrace open, airy floating shelves. This trend allows you to display decorative pieces and keep essentials within easy reach, making your kitchen feel larger and more inviting.

Organic Shape Tiles
Moving away from traditional square or rectangular tiles, organic shapes are now in vogue. These tiles add a unique, artistic touch to your splashbacks, creating a focal point that’s both modern and timeless.

Integrated Appliances
For a sleek, uncluttered look, more homeowners are choosing to integrate appliances into cabinetry. This approach ensures that your functional elements blend seamlessly into the design, enhancing the kitchen’s overall flow.

Bold Statement Exhausts/Range Hoods
As practical as they are stylish, statement exhausts or range hoods are becoming focal points in kitchen design. Opt for a model that stands out and complements your kitchen’s theme to make a real impact.

Metallic Accents
Incorporating small metallic touches, like faucets and cabinet handles, adds a layer of sophistication and luxury. Choose finishes that harmonise with your colour scheme to elevate the entire look of your kitchen.

What’s Out

Overhead Bulky Cabinets
The trend is moving away from traditional bulky overhead cabinets which can make the space feel cramped. The modern preference leans towards a more open, minimalistic approach.

Uniform Tile Shapes
The standard uniform tiles are making way for more varied, organic options that offer a custom, crafted look.

Hidden Lighting
While still popular, the focus is shifting towards more statement lighting that doubles as decorative pieces.

Despite the allure of seasonal trends, it’s important to remember that they are just that—trends. Not all design elements endure through time, yet there are timeless, classic features that never lose their appeal.

At Jag Kitchens, we understand the balance between contemporary flair and enduring elegance. Our design team is equipped and eager to blend these elements to suit your taste, ensuring your kitchen remains stylish year after year. Whether you’re looking to update your space with the latest trends or prefer a more classic aesthetic, we are here to provide all the advice and guidance you need.

Get in touch with us by booking your appointment today, and let us help you turn your dream kitchen into a reality.