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Although their children have flown the nest, functional and practical kitchens capable of entertaining remain a priority for these couples. Jag Kitchens designed specifically for their new home, so hosting guests – and extended family – was a breeze.

From the outset, Sue and Trevor Woodward wanted a kitchen that was workable; something that showed off the contemporary yet classic style of their home.

The children are also a big part of the Woodward’s home. Their son Simon conceptualised the design and all the art in the home is the work of their daughter, Sarah Jayne.

Wearability and Usability in the kitchen | Jag Kitchens

“This house is meant for entertaining people, and it was important that the kitchen would be capable of catering for big functions”, says Sue.

With such important design elements at stake, Sue decided from the start that she would to to Jag Kitchens for their expertise.

Being based in a semi-rural setting, it was essential that the final design echoed a strong natural theme – so it made sense to Sue to choose a granite workbench. Having used granite in the past and loving its wearability and usability, she also wanted it to be the main feature of the house complementing the wooden joinery and concrete floor.

“It’s such a delight to cook in. It’s nice being at the workbench and being able to look over the gardens and the bush – it’s really encouraged me to cook more,” Sue says.

Timeless elegance with Jag Kitchens

With the workbench and island running parallel to each other with plenty of space in between, it made for both ergonomic and aesthetic design.

“We were absolutely thrilled and delighted with Jag Kitchens. They were wonderful to deal with and knew exactly what we wanted.”

Similarly, Cris and John Malcolmson were looking to update the kitchen in their family of more than 30 years. Instead of snazzy designs and modern flair, the Malcomsons were looking for a kitchen reflecting timeless elegance.

Having seen regular advertisements for Jag Kitchens, Cris knew who to call. “We also had a friend who had used Jag Kitchens and she was very happy with her kitchen.”

The result is a flawless match for the home. A white and pristine space overlooking the newly renovated pool and deck, the kitchen creates an ideal summer entertaining flow with its breakfast bar and spacious layout.

Square profiling on the cabinetry complements the scotia detailing around the house, and ornate circular pewter handles round it off perfectly. There’s even a secret hideaway cupboard for glorious objects such as waffle makers.

“We always have waffles at Christmas and the grandchildren really love it,” says Cris.

Thanks to Jag Kitchens, important ideas and suggestions have been made to ensure practical elements support the aesthetics.

“The layout’s so much easier to work in and items are stored properly. I just love how fresh it looks and we’re so pleased to have found a kitchen that is truly timeless.”

Jag Kitchens specialise in custom-designed kitchens, and has its own manufacturing plant. The staff also use a state-of-the-art 3D computer design programme to show clients beforehand exactly how their new kitchen will look.

Not only this, Jag Kitchens has an excellent reputation for designing and building for all budgets and for providing an outstanding design service with sound advice.

Visit the Jag Kitchens Showroom, located inside the Danske Mobler building at the Botany Town Centre, for more information on a wide range of materials and design options or to see more kitchen examples.