Christmas in the Kitchen | Jag Kitchens

Here at Jag Kitchens, we love Christmas! And though kitchens generally get busy at Christmas time for all manner of delicious delights for Christmas day, we thought we’d share some of our favourite Christmas crafts, that can also be made from the kitchen!

Below are our top 5 Kitchen Christmas Crafts, from our Pinterest Board titled, ‘Christmas Crafting in the Kitchen‘.

1. Festive Ice

Festive Ice | Jag KitchensSounds simple, doesn’t it? And it is! While the northern hemisphere is huddled cozily around burning fires and sipping on cocoa, us here in the southern hemisphere are enjoying much warmer weather. Generally speaking, ice is a necessity for Christmas to keep all those beverages cool, and this easy addition will add a fun festive touch to your day! Simply pop sprigs of rosemary (or pine needles, parsley – anything works!) and pomegranate seeds (dried cranberries would work too) into your ice trays, fill with water, and set in the freezer. Hey presto – festive ice!

2.Dried Orange Garland

These are easier than they look, and have the added benefit of adding a beautiful citrus scent to your festive decorations! Perfect to hang in the kitchen, on the mantle, in the Christmas tree, or as an additional festive touch to gift wrapping. You can find an easy step-by-step tutorial here.

3. Stovetop Potpourri

If it’s the traditional scent of Christmas that you crave, try your hand at stovetop potpourri! Utilising the likes of cinnamon, pine, nuts, herbs, and citrus, you can create your very own version Christmas-in-a-jar! Perfect dotted around the home during the Christmas period, and also perfect as customised gifts for loved ones. For all the details on how to make your own Christmas Potpourri, click through to the Country Hill Cottage page here for instructions.

Festive Decorations | Jag Kitchens4. Christmas Holly Candles

These are a super straightforward but beautiful addition to any Christmas table this season, from the Style Me Heather blog. You’ll need small tealight jars, sprigs of holly or other festive botanicals (snips of pine, pomegranate seeds, cranberries, etc) and a floating tealight candle that fits in the jar. Simply place your sprigs of holly or other botanicals into the jar, fill with enough water to cover, and float your tealight candle on top.

5. Salt Dough Decorations

A tried and true favourite with the kids, but this recipe can also add a little festive sophistication to the season. Try imprinting the dough with sprigs of fine botanicals before baking, and leave blank (no painting!) for a simple filigree look that matches the Christmas season perfectly. These are great to string together on a garland, hang on the tree, or to pop onto gift wrap to add a special homemade addition to your gift-giving. You can find many salt dough recipes out there, but this one from All Recipes is a favourite.

Wish you all a safe and happy Christmas and holiday season, from the team at Jag Kitchens.