Kruis kitchen by Jag Kitchens

An instant rapport between the Jag Kitchens’ design team and her client Marlene Kruis was the catalyst to the successful completion of a kitchen project which went beyond all expectation.

After a step by step interior renovation of their 1980’s Northpark home, Phillip and Marlene Kruis were faced with the last job of their list – a brand new kitchen.

With clear ideas of what she wanted Marlene set about finding a company that could deliver on her vision.

“I had often wandered through the Jag Kitchens showroom in Danske Mobler and liked what I saw so, when it came time for the kitchen, I went there first. However, I also wanted a couple of other quotes,” Marlene says.

jag-kruis-kitchen01“Impressively, Jag were on the mark straight from the start. One of the other companies I contacted never came back to me and the other one turned up a day after our appointment. It was disappointing but only emphasised how efficient the Jag Kitchens’ team was.”

And from the first time Marlene spoke to the team, they were on the same kitchen wavelength. “I told Jag what I had in mind not really expecting them to grasp my concept, but they got in straight away. In no time, they had the rudiment of a design up on screen and I could see my kitchen in 3D.”

Several meetings later and Marlene knew absolutely Jag Kitchens was the company for her, a decision that proved its worth several times over.

“While I had a plan in mind, Jag was able to fine tune that and make suggestions I didn’t think about. For example, the kitchen loosely followed the former U-shape but we couldn’t avoid two blind corner cupboards.

“I didn’t want to delve deep to access items so Jag suggested a ‘magic’ solution; hardware which meant on opening the cupboard door turns on a right angle bringing forward internal shelving. This has eliminated bending low and removing dishes in order to access the cupboard’s far reaches – just brilliant.”

jag-kruis-kitchen02But before that stage, the design team faced the challenge of making the existing space airier and more space efficient. Phillip and Marlene had dubbed their original kitchen the ‘doctor’s surgery’ in reference to the chest-height, half wall separating kitchen and dining. It made the kitchen seem very compact. Removing this and installing a generous breakfast bar created a spacious, open effect.

Several ‘must haves’ were also accommodated including wall oven, dishwasher, ceiling height cupboards for extra storage and a pantry, to compensate for losing a cupboard to the dishwasher. Jag managed everything Marlene requested – even losing the free-standing stove for a wall oven which requires no bending.

Adding to the sense of spaciousness is Marlene’s choices of colours. She wanted a light, contemporary look, opting for soft beige over white in order to incorporate an element of warmth. Oyster melamine cabinetry is complemented by an Amaretto Stone laminate benchtop and toning caramel glass splashback by Decoglaze.

“It is just so fresh after our 1980s timber kitchen,” Marlene says. “The Jag team are miracle workers. They gave me exactly what I wanted, made no false promises and were patience personified. The kitchen was the last interior project on our list and it was well-worth waiting for.

“And amazingly everything was completed on time, which meant we had our kitchen for Christmas – just wonderful.”

– Article courtesy of H&P Times