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These days, a modern family kitchen is no longer solely a place for food prep…

It’s also a place that often encompasses eating, socialising and relaxing – where children finish homework while parents prep meals, or where guests naturally come to gather over a glass of wine. A family kitchen is a hard-working space, generally with lots of functions to fulfil the entire family’s needs.

Here are some of Jag Kitchens’ expert design tips to help design a family kitchen for full-on family life;

1. Benchtops

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Things to consider when choosing your new kitchen benchtop include easy to clean and hard-wearing surfaces; benchtops that withstand the knocks and bumps of everyday family life. Jag Kitchens have a fantastic range of hard-wearing bench tops available, and because we have a direct relationship with our benchtop manufacturer, the turnaround time for installation is faster than most kitchen companies. Being without a working kitchen is not something that most families desire for long lengths of time! Ask your Jag Kitchens designer about the different options and be sure to check out our benchtop comparison sheet here.

2. Kitchen Space

The flow of space in a family kitchen should allow enough of a practical thoroughfare for plenty of foot traffic. This will minimise the chance of dangerous situations arising, especially where children are involved. Flow of space for a family kitchen can also be achieved in a small kitchen with the help of a Jag Kitchens designer, because they can give you the best available options and perhaps ideas that you have not thought of to maximise floor and surface space.

3. Open-Plan

Kitchen Storage Ideas | Jag Kitchens

Modern family kitchens are often integrated with the rest of your home, creating an all-purpose room instead of a separated, old-school kitchen. This may mean the kitchen merges with the likes of a dining room, lounge, or family room. This may mean considering knocking down a wall connecting the kitchen to an adjacent living area, ensuring that the various social activities can blend seamlessly into family life.

4. Storage

Choose cabinetry that suits to your storage needs. There are many clever solutions and gadgets to maximise space in a family kitchen, such as corner shelving solutions for hard to reach appliances, pull-out style pantries etc. Ask your kitchen designer about the range of solutions available and what will work best for your kitchen design.

Installing a kitchen island or breakfast bar is another great way to add both a work surface and additional storage to your family kitchen. Depending on the design and your storage needs, kitchen islands can house simple drawers and cabinets, right through to display shelves or appliances.

5. Flooring

Hard-wearing flooring is definitely something worth considering when re-designing your family kitchen. Materials need to be low maintenance, durable but also stylish and modern – so it’s important to choose the right floor for your lifestyle and needs. Some flooring options such as wooden floors are more susceptible to maintenance due to scratching and fading from sunlight, however wood laminate is a cost-effective alternative that is UV-protected and very durable. Your Jag Kitchens design consultant will be able to take you through the pros and cons of the various flooring options available for your new family kitchen design.

The beauty of choosing Jag Kitchens is that our experienced designers know what works and what doesn’t – and can help you make design choices for a new family kitchen that you can be confident in. We’ll be beside you every step of the way, turning your dream kitchen into reality!

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