Frequently Asked Questions

Questions we've been asked along the way

How long has Jag Kitchens been in business?

We began trading in mid 2004.

Who manufactures your kitchens?

We have our own factory located in Harris Road, East Tamaki.

How do custom sized kitchens differ from modular kitchens?

Modular kitchen suppliers work with set sized cabinets. They do a “best fit” from within their standard range and then use filler panels to fill the gaps. At Jag Kitchens we custom design the cabinets to exactly fit your wall space. Custom kitchen tend to look more symmetrical and can be installed to ceiling height.

Doesn't it cost a lot more for a custom sized kitchen?

Not any more. Ten years ago you either purchased mass-produced modules at a low price or paid a cabinet maker to hand build you a custom kitchen. New technology enables us to use computer driven machinery to cut and drill your custom kitchen components. This ensures accuracy while reducing labour costs.

A friend of mine recently lost money when a kitchen company went out of business. How do I know it won’t happen to me?

I guess we have all heard stories like that. We minimise your risk by requiring as little as 10% initial deposit prior to manufacturing. The next 80% is due after the kitchen is made and ready for delivery. You can inspect it in our factory prior to delivery if you wish. The final 10% is only due after you are completely satisfied with your installation. An additional safeguard is to pay for your kitchen by credit card as most credit card companies will reimburse you in the event of a business failure.

We live quite a distance from your showroom. Can you still help us with a kitchen?

Yes, we install kitchens all over Auckland as well as outlying areas.

How do your prices compare?

The feedback we get is that we are very competitive given the quality of our product. We will never be as cheap as a company using chip board cabinets and Chinese drawers and hinges. If you are looking for a quality product using High Moisture Resistant Board and the best in European hardware you will find us very competitive.

Can I email you through some kitchens plan to quote?

Sorry that’s not the way we work. Experience has taught us that a face to face meeting always works better. That way we can really discuss your needs before starting to design your kitchen. You ultimately save time as you are involved in the whole process as your design comes together in our 3D design software. Customers come from all over Auckland on the recommendation of friends who know how user friendly our design service is.

Does it cost a lot extra to take my cabinets to ceiling height?

No there is not a great deal of difference. There are no more hinges or handles, just a few more square metres of board and a little extra labour.

I want to install a new kitchen but need to do some carpentry first. Can you handle that?

We have our own carpenter on staff. Using his services can make the whole job a lot easier and more cost effective. We can also recommend other trades people such as plumbers, gas fitters, electricians and tilers.

What charge is there to have a kitchen design done?

There is no charge for either a kitchen design or a home visit by our carpenter.

What is a Jag kitchen likely to cost me?

Our kitchens range in price from $9,000 to around $30,000. You can typically have a professionally designed, quality kitchen delivered and installed for around $14,000. Upgrading to stone bench tops and more exotic door finishes will increase this cost between $16,000 and $20,000.

Do you offer a full range of the different bench top and cabinet materials?

We have access to all products on the market.

I’ve visited a number of kitchen companies and I’m confused. I keep getting conflicting advice on the best materials to use. Who do I believe?

We hear this all the time. I suggest you have a look at the cabinet and bench top section of our web site. If you have any further questions call in and see us and we will happily discuss what materials are likely to fit your budget and purpose.

How long does it take to have a kitchen installed once I confirm the order?

Our lead time is typically around four weeks. Once we have done a final measure and you have signed off on colours we will agree to an exact date. We always deliver on time.

I need a company that can handle the complete kitchen job including carpentry, managing sub trades, painting and flooring?

Yes we can manage your job from start to finish. Our customers range from weekend warriors who like to do as much as possible themselves, to others who want the whole job organised and managed for them.

Are you members of any industry organisations?

Jag Kitchen is a proud member of NKBA (National kitchen and Bathroom Association) and the EMA (Employers and Manufacturers Association).

I'm interested in a new kitchen so what do I do next?

If you are at the stage where you require a kitchen design and quote give us a call to make an appointment. You will need to put aside approximately 90 minutes for this design session. We will need some measurements to work with which can either come from house plans or measurements that you bring with you.

If you are not confident taking your own measurements or wish to discuss building work please visit our showroom. We will be happy to answer all of your questions and organise a home visit.