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After spending time living with a kitchen style you don’t really love, it’s a great feeling to know there are so many options out there that could soon be made into a kitchen style of your very own!

After that initial feeling of excitement though, it’s natural to feel slightly overwhelmed by the sheer number of kitchen style choices available. That’s when the Jag Kitchens design team can step in to lend a hand.

When it comes time to re-designing your kitchen, what kitchen style should you choose? It’s a difficult one. With so many different kitchen styles available, how can you know exactly what you want until you’ve seen it all in place?

Instead of getting caught up in hours of pouring over Pinterest, or rifling through all the different fixtures and finishes to choose from, it’s important to take a moment to consider how your new kitchen will fit within the rest of your home. By choosing a style that compliments the rest of your home’s design, you’ll ensure that your kitchen style blends seamlessly into the rest of your home’s personality.

Below we have provided three examples of distinct kitchen style, accompanied by real-life Jag designed kitchens from our case studies section. Our hope is this kitchen style guide will help place you one step closer to choosing the best kitchen style for your home.


1. Modern Kitchen Style

Modern Kitchen Style | Jag KitchensPerhaps you have recently purchased a new home close to the city centre, or built a sleek new modern home. You’ll be after a trendy and modern kitchen style to reflect your city lifestyle. With modern kitchen style and design, colours are bolder and fresher, designs are sleeker and utilities are distinctive and vibrant.

Colours, particularly blue, are making a bit of a style come-back presently – but that doesn’t mean you need to paint everything blue! It can simply mean you update the details within your kitchen to reflect a current kitchen style which is trending.

This kitchen style is sleek and flawless, while adding a modern touch of colour through the use of a teal blue glass splashback and matching accessories. Neutral walls and cabinetry reflect the light, illuminating the space and allowing the on-trend stainless steel benchtop and island to shine.


2. Classic Kitchen Style

Classic Kitchen Style | Jag KitchensClassic kitchen style is timeless, but fresh. Designed with simple architectural details, they often boast white or cream cabinetry and simple, fresh details (like white subway tiles). You can also bring a rustic touch to your urban home with a classic kitchen style through the use of simple details such as the type of cabinetry handles used. Subtle colours and beautiful finishes, classic kitchens are for taking it back to the basics with a definitive look and feel.

This classic kitchen style is effortlessly timeless. It conveys an elegant but relaxing environment, giving a touch of countryside vibes without falling into an over-cluttered rustic look. The use of subway tiling, plenty of white surfaces and dezignatek cabinetry allow the classic cabinetry handles and industrial-style lighting to do the talking.


3. Shaker Kitchen Style

Shaker Kitchen Style | Jag KitchensOur kitchen designers will tell you that the meeting point between traditional and modern design is a ‘shaker kitchen style’. They have a distinctive design and innovative feel. Shaker kitchens are fresh, mixing different on-trend colour tones with classic kitchen style features, particularly cabinetry such as dezignatek. Unique furniture and design make shaker kitchen style perfect for the middle ground in kitchen design.

The ultimate marriage between Classic and Modern kitchen style, this Shaker kitchen has pops of red as well as making a nod to the currently popular black and white kitchen style trend. The lighting is modern, the splashback tiling draws on classic features, and all the fittings and fixtures blur the line of modern and traditional, with a classic dezignatek look accompanied by modern handles.


Whatever you choose for your new kitchen style, be it Modern, Classic or Shaker – pick whatever suits you. Taste is, and always will be, subjective. It’s down to you and what kitchen style will make you most happy.

The beauty of choosing Jag Kitchens for your new kitchen install is that our experienced designers know what works and what doesn’t – and can help you make kitchen style choices that you can be confident in. Take a look at our online gallery for some further kitchen style inspiration, and then get in touch.

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