I've Been Fantasising (About A Kitchen) - Jaquie Brown

Jag Kitchen’s is partnering with Jaquie Brown on a new kitchen for her. We’ll be sharing Jaquie’s journey with you through a series of blogs.

A kitchen is more than just a functional area where you prepare food (or burn food or spill things.) For me, it’s the heart of our home. We have breakfast at the bench, I drink wine and chat with friends while I cook, the kids and I make a mess and try and cook things together. It’s a fun area that brings us all together.

We’ve lived in our home for twelve years and the kitchen has held up pretty well in that time, but after two kids, some hot summers and cold winters, my baking mishaps and kids art-project explosions, let’s just say, it could do with a bit of a re-vamp.

Scrap that. A full overhaul.

I have things peeling off, breaking and an oven that only works if you give it a dirty look. I think you know you need a new kitchen when your main fantasies centre around soft closing drawers and not your husband.

I’m not afraid to admit it.Jacquie delighted by pantry | Jag Kitchens

I go to sleep at night picturing a new oven, I dribble on my pillow as I visualise the crisp clean lines of my new cupboards and all my tiny boxes of herbs neatly lined up, and easily accessible too. Currently I need to hoist myself up onto my knees and balance on the bench to reach down my box of condiments. I don’t know why I didn’t put it closer either, maybe because all my other drawers are filled with broken bits of mismatched plastics and jars with no lids. Why do I keep these things? I feel like a new kitchen will help me curb my potential hoarding. I really hope!

I’ve wanted a new kitchen for years, but everyone has always said ‘get ready to part with $30-50K’ and it always made me sweaty and I’d shelve the idea. I looked into buying something from TradeMe or a kitset from Bunnings or Mitre10 but I just know I’d mess it up, and besides every kitchen space is different. I really wanted to find a local company that made their kitchens here in New Zealand, that didn’t cost the earth, that made it easy for me and would accommodate my ideas and suggestion to build a tunnel from the fridge to my bedside for those midnight snack needs.

I am overjoyed to be working with Jag Kitchens and will bring you my experience here as I go through the process from ideas, to design, to install, to MY BRAND NEW LIFE!!!

I’m really excited. (Still waiting to hear back from them about the tunnel but I’ll keep you posted.)