Contemporary kitchen design by Jag Kitchens

There’s something about a kitchen, the hub of the home, that makes it far more than merely a cooking space in a house. If you’re thinking about updating your kitchen, consider this trend for kitchen design 2020 – focussed largely on natural textures and earthy tones to reflect the environment.


kitchen design 2020 - earthy kitchen

The use of natural look wood and timber in kitchens is something that started to be seen more and more during 2018 in kitchen design trends and has continued since then. Wood and timber can add an ‘edge’ to your overall design, but can also bring warmth and texture through it’s earthiness and connections to nature. There are many ways to make it a design feature in your kitchen for 2020 without going ‘all out’.

An exciting newcomer to 2020 kitchen design trends is paired-back earthy tones in greens and greys that reflect the natural environment. We have seen this trend developed with many of our trusted suppliers such as Melteca, who have recently brought us their new range, ‘Tones of New Zealand’ – inspired by nature and the beauty of the New Zealand landscape. Melteca produce high quality products whilst focussing on reducing and reusing resources to minimise their impact on our natural environment. Their focus has been such that they have been awarded the Environmental Choice New Zealand certification, which is a fantastic achievement for their ongoing work and we are proud to be associated with such a sustainable supplier.

Although earthy tones may not be as popular as the standard white/neutral palette (which will always be on trend!), featuring tones and shades of green among a balance of neutral and natural is not to be missed. Green has been a popular colour for interior design since the Victorian era and will continue to play a role for good reason – in the right tone, green is the colour of life; it is revitalising, energetic, and calming.

Green was a popular colour trend in Milan Design Week 2019, and we will see a lot more of it in 2020. Olive green in particular will be in the limelight, mimicking the look of nature. Light olive green will be popular for interior walls – it’s a colour trend that takes us back to nature and can create a serene environment.

kitchen design 2020 - natural elements

If you’re not so sure about green on your walls, consider the use of these tones throughout your cabinets and kitchen appliances. Melteca’s Tones of New Zealand offers beautiful light and dusky greens in their ‘Bayleaf’, ‘Spinifex’ and ‘Possum’ as well as a light, natural woodgrain collection and muted greys in ‘Dawn Grey’, ‘Fog’ and ‘Seal Grey’.

Pair with natural and light materials like exposed wooden shelving, engineered stone benchtops, and metal accents through hardware for taps, hobs and sinks, and you will have an earthy, natural and on-trend kitchen that will stand the test of time. Glass and stone details through use of splashback materials also provide a means to add the final natural-inspired touches to your kitchen design. We have also noted the use of plenty more well-placed botanicals and greenery in kitchens – bringing the garden inside the home!

It is always best to discuss your kitchen design aspirations with a professional kitchen designer who will be able to craft your vision and ensure it suits the style and space of your home. Jag Kitchens’ design consultants can do just that, whilst also ensuring your new kitchen is delivered on time and within budget. Book your obligation-free design appointment via the button below, call us on 09 271 3131 or visit our Showroom at the Botany Town Centre, next to Danske Mobler.