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Kitchen Design Elements: Texture, Colour & Unique Features

If there is one room in your home that is likely to bring people together, that place will be your kitchen. Whether you are thinking of designing a new kitchen for your first home, or you’ve done it all before and are looking for some further inspiration, your chosen kitchen design elements can make or break your final reveal. So it’s important to utilise kitchen design elements accordingly to create the best fit for your lifestyle and needs.

In this two part series, we will discuss some elements of kitchen design for your consideration. In part one below, we’ll have a look at the importance of texture, colour and unique features which can create an inspiring and interesting kitchen. Our design consultants can help you to create a kitchen that fits your brief and budget, while generating that ‘wow’ factor you desire. Let’s take a look below.

Adding a pop of texture or colour

Kitchen design elements - tiled splashback texture | Jag KitchensTexture and colour are often referenced as elements that generate a ‘unique’ look for your kitchen. But this doesn’t necessarily need to mean going all in with brightly coloured walls or cabinetry. This is especially worth considering if you plan to sell your home eventually, as coloured walls and cabinets may not suit the taste of your potential buyer. However, it’s your kitchen and you have to love it while you’re in it – so you can choose to be as subtle or strong as you like. A great way to achieve pops of colour and texture without going ‘all out’ is to consider your splashback.

Texture through tiling is hugely on trend and shows no sign of slowing down. It’s worth keeping in mind that some tiled splashbacks do tend to take a little more work to keep clean, due to the detailing and various spaces created from grouting, but they are very stylish and tend to create another dimension to a kitchen design through their texture and pattern.

Muted greens to mimick nature in the kitchen | Jag KitchensTiles in muted greens and misty greys are very on trend, mimicking the subtle colours of the environment as seen in Melteca’s recently launched ‘Colours of New Zealand’ range. Another way to incorporate colour with your splashback is to utilise coloured glass. You might choose to have a printed, painted, mirrored or antique glass splashback based on your chosen kitchen design, which are all readily available for your through our reputable supplier, Image Glass.

Additionally metalier coated splashbacks are relatively new to the market. They are real metal coatings which are sprayed or applied to almost any substrate. You can choose from a selection of metals available, with the addition of creating “hybrids” of two or more metals, and two metals can be applied together to create patterns. The benefits of metalier splashbacks over sheet and foundry metal are that there is no limitation to sheet size, meaning metalier splashbacks can be seamless over a large area and are much lighter than sheet metal.

Adding a unique feature

If splashback features aren’t your thing and you’d like to consider a unique feature elsewhere in your kitchen design, have a think about your benchtop design.

Kitchen Design Inspiration | Jag Kitchens

With the ‘industrial kitchen’ style still well and truly on trend, there are many different benchtop designs that would suit. Stainless steel benchtops are sleek, modern and have clean lines – there’s a special sort of high-end style that emanates from a stainless steel finish. These days stainless kitchen benches are available in a wide range of modern, contemporary finishes – from brushed stainless steel, to patterned or polished stainless. They are also incredibly durable as they are hard wearing, heat resistant and easy to clean. So you get the best of both worlds – bold design feature, and durability for the long-term!

Engineered stone benchtops are also a stylish, contemporary choice to add unique value to your kitchen design. With an excellent choice of colour-ways to choose from, your stone benchtop will add a unique and contemporary designer edge to your completed kitchen design. In addition, their low maintenance, abrasion and stain-proof nature ensures it is also extremely practical and easy to clean. Engineered stone can be installed in standard 20mm or 30mm thicknesses or mitred up to a range of different thicknesses to suit your kitchen design.

Engineered stone benchtop kitchen design element to inspire | Jag KitchensThe best thing about selecting an engineered stone benchtop through Jag Kitchens, is that we have our own locally owned and operated manufacturing facility just down the road from our showroom. This means we are able to offer custom-sized bench tops to your specifications as part of your overall kitchen build. Having our own benchtop facility has allowed us to halve the industry-standard wait time for an engineered stone benchtop to five working days after your cabinet installation, which means you will be back in your brand new, fully functioning kitchen sooner with Jag Kitchens.

It’s always best to discuss your kitchen design aspirations with a professional kitchen designer who will be able to craft your vision and ensure it suits the style and space of your home. Jag Kitchens’ design consultants can do just that, whilst also ensuring your new kitchen is delivered on time and within budget.

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