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Your lifestyle and taste in style are two big factors to consider when constructing your new kitchen design. Traditional and modern kitchen designs are two popular terms used to narrow down your preferences, but deciphering the difference between the two can sometimes be tricky.

Let’s take a look at the main differences between modern and traditional kitchens.

Modern Kitchens

Modern kitchen design doesn’t necessarily mean state of the art contemporary and top of the line gadgets and gizmos, however the overall look absolutely includes a sophisticated feel and a streamlined look.

Gloss Acrylic Cabinets | Jag KitchensSimplicity and function reigns supreme in a modern kitchen, and there is generally nothing fussy about these spaces. Everything tends to have it’s place tucked away to keep benchtops clear and streamlined, and cabinets generally feature flush front panels, sleek hardware and simple styles. Usually there are more drawers and pull-out style solutions in a modern kitchen design, including features such as the Mondo II and bi-fold pantries.

In a modern style kitchen design, there are plenty of straight lines (for example, on cabinets and counters) and often shiny finishes such as Gloss Acrylic. Surfaces are often reflective to add light and depth, so engineered stone and granite benchtops are often popular choices for clients.

You may also decide to bring in some design quirks with a unique splashback, by utilising it as a feature point in the kitchen to help tie in either pops of colour or texture featured throughout the space. Comparatively, splashbacks can melt seamlessly into the background, ensure a neutral palette or subdued design is upheld.

Simply put modern kitchens are functional and streamlined, allowing the beauty of the kitchen materials – featured in the likes of the cabinetry and benchtops – be the star of the show.

Traditional Kitchens

Traditional kitchen design can often offer the best of all worlds. In a way, you’re basically benefitting from kitchen design experimentation of the past – without having to endure a kitchen design fail. Put together a kitchen with a traditional style, and you really can’t go wrong.

Traditional Kitchen Cabinets | Jag KitchensA traditional style kitchen can offer the significant benefit of being timeless, which is perfect for those that may be re-designing a kitchen prior to selling their property. Traditional kitchens generally have enough of a timeless look that they will appeal to buyers, who won’t have to do a lot of work to update it.

The main reason traditional kitchens are deemed such (as in, they never go out of style!) is that they usually employ classic elements without feeling stuffy or boring, such as Dezignatek cabinetry. Just because you’ve chosen a traditional kitchen style doesn’t mean you can’t play a little bit with its features, however.

This kind of kitchen mixes well with industrial and rustic components such as various wood and timber surfaces, stainless steel appliances or engineered stone and acrylic benchtops. Let the details and flexibility of the traditional style reflect your own design aesthetic as you plan for your kitchen makeover.

No matter what kitchen design style you choose, be sure that you will not only truly enjoy it but that it will work into your lifestyle. Large families for instance often prefer a modern open plan setting for their kitchen design, which allows the kitchen to be part of family proceedings throughout the day.

Your Jag Kitchens Design Consultant can guide you through the many options available for both modern or traditional kitchen design, and can help you choose the best for you and your project.

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