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Greige Kitchens: A mix of Grey + Beige

Greige is the new colour trend taking interior design by storm, and despite the colours that it consists of – grey and beige – it is anything but boring! The key to the the greige kitchen trend lies in its flexibility; mixing a little bit of grey and a little bit of beige ensures it’s cooler than a taupe tone, but warmer than standard grey. By situating itself right in the middle of these two neutral tones, greige helps to highlight and contrast aspects of your kitchen against other textures and colours.

What other colours go with greige?

Greige is the new colour trend | Jag Kitchens

The beauty of greige is that it can be both warm and cool, which allows it to pair well with a variety of colours in your kitchen. It can look stunning with black and white kitchens, as well as the current soft pastel tones we’re seeing in misty blues and sage greens. Greige is also fantastic with either matte or gloss finishes, and can pair well with a variety of metallics (silver, gold, brass, etc).

What kind of benchtops match greige kitchens?

Raw, industrial and natural benchtops can all tie in well with a greige kitchen design. Benchtops such as Caesarstone® Rugged Concrete™ (pictured, by Boutique Homes Kaduna Park Australia) and  Primordia™ provide an infusion of contemporary style against a greige palette, which complements both the warm and cool colour palettes. Many benchtops complement the grey undertones of the greige trend, and help to create a transitional look within your kitchen design. Contrasting the grey with warmer tones through the use of timber will help to add contrast and personality.

The flexibility to suit your style

Greige Kitchen Design | Jag KitchensGreige provides you the flexibility to design a kitchen to suit taste and lifestyle. The great thing with greige is that it is perfect for kitchens through all stages of life – a perfect option for first home buyers that are conscious of designing a kitchen that will last the distance and on-sell well at a later time, great for families with young children (greige hides sticky finger marks well!), and wonderful as a base for you to make your mark on in your forever kitchen. The world is your oyster with greige.

Need a little inspiration to get started on the greige trend and whether it is right for you? Head over to the Jag Kitchens Pinterest page and check out our Greige Kitchens board for plenty of varied inspiration and ideas.

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