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Hannah Brown and Cathie Barker | Jag KitchensCathie Barker’s 90’s style kitchen has been given a new lease on life. The once outdated blue kitchen with timber accents is now a sleek, modern design with a crisp white stone benchtop and exudes functionality and comfort.

“There are now things in my kitchen I didn’t even know I needed, and now I couldn’t dream of having it any other way,” says Cathie.

Cathie, who had never thought of updating her kitchen until a flood forced her hand, says she can’t believe she hadn’t considered it sooner. “My directions to our kitchen designer Hannah were that I love my island, I hate my pantry because my husband and I are short and can’t reach the back,” she says.

Maximising space | Jag Kitchens

“It had to be white. I was over blue and I didn’t want to have the same problem in six years when grey is out of fashion. So I said I wanted all white and I can add pops of colour by changing my splash back. I had given her absolutely no guidance because I thought my kitchen was already so functional.”

Cathie says Hannah put lots of thought into the layout and focussed on maximising existing space. The previously impractical pantry was replaced with a pull out 400mm dispenser pantry and the corner cupboard which previously housed often unused baking equipment was replaced with a Mondo revolving cabinet.

“We were trying to achieve a more modern look and also make better use of the available space,” says Jag Kitchens’ design consultant Hannah Brown. “We didn’t change the layout much but we changed the entire look, maximising drawer space so that it was more functional, easier to use and more aesthetically pleasing. They do have two young girls, so the durability and the resistance of the kitchen were quite important,” she says.

Cabinetry and Engineered stone | Jag KitchensThe cabinetry material is in Jag Kitchens’ acrylic gloss and the benchtop is engineered stone. “The glossy finish is very good in terms of aesthetics, but also easy to maintain and clean by wiping it down, and in terms of buffing and polishing years down the track. The acrylic material we use is very hard wearing and very resistant to water,” explains Hannah.

Cathie says not only does her kitchen look fantastic, but she now has a place for everything and more space to work. “Hannah came with the idea of having a spices drawer right underneath my cook top so its within easy reach when I’m cooking, having my bin close to my garbage disposal, and having a compartment for my baking trays right next to the oven,” she says. “It’s the little things like that that have made it a much better cooking experience.”

Cathie commends Hannah and the team at Jag Kitchens for being so easy to work with and very accommodating.  “When I made changes, Hannah got it done for me without delay and she gave me realistic time frames for when I could expect things to be done by,” she says.

Custom-Designed Kitchens by Jag Kitchens“Everyone called when they said they would, and the kitchen was in when they said it would be. It was so easy.”

Cathie couldn’t be happier with her new kitchen. “I actually enjoy spending time in here and I am blown away with how it all came together.

Jag Kitchens specialise in custom-designed kitchens and have their own manufacturing plant. The staff also use a state-of- the-art 3D computer design programme to show clients beforehand exactly how their new kitchen will look.

Jag Kitchens has an excellent reputation for designing and building for all budgets and for providing an outstanding design service with sound advice. Their professional design quotes are free of charge.

Visit the Jag Kitchens Showroom, located inside the Danske Mobler building at the Botany Town Centre, for more information on a wide range of materials and design options or to see more kitchen examples.