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Blum’s ORGA-LINE range is perfect for organising your new kitchen


ORGA-LINE drawer organisation | Jag KitchensDo you have “the drawer” in your kitchen? That drawer with lots of little miscellaneous items and utensils that don’t seem to fit anywhere else? With the help of Blum’s ORGA-LINE range, we can tame the clutter and get your kitchen in tip top shape.

The ORGA-LINE range consists of containers, long-side and cross dividers which can be flexibly arranged to suit your contents requirements. The product range is perfect for delivering organisation to drawers and high fronted pull-outs.

Blum describe their ORGA-LINE range as a high-quality, inner dividing system which works wonders on the interiors of drawers and high fronted pull-outs. No matter whether cutlery, bottles, pots and pans – everything is nicely tidied away. Due to the practicality and versatility of their tailored storage space options, Blum is very popular with our clients at Jag Kitchens.


ORGA-LINE products can be defined by four practical features:

  • Organised Interiors with ORGA-LINE | Jag KitchensFlexibility: the range is flexible in that they can be arranged in your drawers or cabinets to suit your contents, which means they quickly organise drawers or high fronted pull-outs.
  • Visibility: because everything is kept nice and tidy, as well as securely holding large storage items, everything is within easy reach and highly visible.
  • Accessories: the frustration of not being able to find a spice or utensil is a thing of the past with Blum’s ORGA-LINE accessories. With organised interiors, accessories such as the film dispenser and spice, knife and plate holders ensure that everything is exactly where it should be.
  • Clean up: the high-quality stainless steel containers can be easily cleaned without damaging the material. They’re even designed for dishwasher use.


What does the ORGA-LINE range consist of?


Blum’s ORGA-LINE range ensures that every inch of kitchen storage is optimised in a practical and innovative way. If you’d like to explore a little more about ORGA-LINE and Blum’s storage options for your next kitchen design, please discuss with your Jag Kitchens design consultant when you book your next appointment.