Choosing a kitchen style that’s right for you can be a daunting task, especially when you’re unsure of your preferences. Our simple kitchen style quiz will help to provide some clarity on what kitchen design elements you prefer over others. By answering these kitchen design-crafted questions, you’ll uncover your likes and dislikes, guiding you towards the perfect kitchen design that resonates with your unique style.

Let’s dive in and find your dream kitchen style together!

1: What kind of atmosphere do you prefer in your kitchen?

Tips for bright & colourful kitchens | Jag Kitchens

A) Serene and peaceful
B) Warm and cozy
C) Vibrant and energetic
D) Edgy and modern

2: How would you describe your ideal colour scheme?

A) Soft neutrals and earth tones
B) Rich, warm hues
C) Bold and vibrant pops of colour
D) Cool greys and metallic accents

3: What type of flooring appeals to you the most?

A) Light hardwood or natural stone
B) Warm and rustic tiles
C) Patterned or colourful tiles
D) Polished concrete or industrial-style flooring

Caesarstone® Rugged Concrete™ | Jag Kitchens4: What type of benchtop design usually catches your eye?

A) Clean and elegant marble designs
B) Traditional butcher blocks
C) Eye-catching / glittering quartz or granite
D) Sleek stainless steel or concrete

5: Which cabinet style suits your taste?

A) Simple and timeless cabinets
B) Distressed or reclaimed wood cabinets
C) Glossy or lacquered cabinets
D) Minimalistic and sleek with metal hardware

6: What kind of kitchen lighting would you prefer?

A) Soft and warm ambient lighting

B) Cozy pendant lights or chandeliers
C) Bold, statement lighting
D) Industrial-style pendant lights or track lighting

Modern kitchen by Jag Kitchens

7: Which splashback option appeals to you the most?

A) Subway tiles or mosaic patterns
B) Exposed brick or textured stone
C) Colourful or patterned tiles, or a printed image on glass
D) Stainless steel or metallic tiles

8: How do you envision your kitchen’s overall style?

A) Classic and timeless
B) Rustic and charming
C) Playful and vibrant
D) Modern and sleek


How to score your answers:
Count the number of times you selected A, B, C, or D. Each answer corresponds to a specific kitchen style.


If you selected mostly A:

Your kitchen style falls under the timeless neutral kitchen style. You prefer a calm and natural ambiance with neutral colours and natural materials.This is a timeless look with soft neutrals and understated elegance.

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If you selected mostly B:

Your kitchen style has a focus on textures. You appreciate warm and cozy elements, rustic textures, and organic materials. This style showcases the beauty of natural materials and rustic elements, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

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If you selected mostly C:

Your kitchen style is unique and colourful. You love vibrant and energetic spaces with bold colour choices, patterns, and playful accents. This kitchen style allows you to bring energy and unique personality to your space.

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If you selected mostly D:

Your kitchen style is industrial and contemporary. You lean towards edgy and modern designs, with cool greys, metal finishes, and sleek surfaces. This kitchen style gravitates towards the raw and interesting aesthetics of industrial design, with dark shades and exposed materials.

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Knowing your preferred style will help you to create a kitchen that reflects your personality and provide a space that you enjoy to be in. Our kitchen design team are adept at helping you to uncover your preferences to design a dream kitchen you will love.

Book your appointment with the Jag design team today and let’s bring your dream kitchen to life!