Seeing (in 3D) is Believing

There’s nothing like seeing a kitchen that you’ve been dreaming about for years in glorious 3D to get you excited about where you’re going to put your tea towels and display your exotic array of paprika.

I took the whole family to meet with Lesley and check out her design options for the kitchen and while the kids were pretty well behaved, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t. Well, you try keeping quiet when you can see what your new kitchen will look like! I’m fairly sure I did a little ‘wooo hooo!’ and several animated ‘oh wow!’s.

Lesley had done two designs for us to see which one would suit us best. She took what I’d expressed I needed for our family and invented some options which really impressed me. She included some new storage areas for me to display my cookbooks (currently banished to a cupboard down the hall because there is no room) deeper shelving, inner shelving which I’d never heard of before but I’m predicting will be a game changer, soft closing everything which will be amazing and a bin and a recycling bin hidden inside a cupboard. Joy.

Currently we have two manky old bins at the end of the bench that the kids love to tip over, climb on and use as a drum, so to have it all hidden away is very exciting. It’s funny how you know you are middle aged when you get excited about hidden bins and inner shelving.

Next Lesley visited me at home to get everything measured completely accurately. They use this nifty laser beam robot machine thing that just bounces off the walls and gives definitive measurements, much better than me reaching from one side of the room and trying to balance and then swearing at the measuring tape for not staying put. It’s essential to get things precise or when it goes to the factory, the wrong sizes will be cut and nothing will fit come install day. Having her measure in my home really started to make it feel real and like it was really going to happen.

We went over all the details and flicked back and forth between the two designs, talking over the benefits, materials and new bits and bobs. Every time I visit Lesley I leave feeling so excited, the team at Jag have made this process so easy for me and I genuinely can’t wait to lock in that install date.

Just need to bribe a team of friends to help me clean out all my drawers. I can’t possibly do it, I’m too busy daydreaming about how simple my life will be with a new, clean, streamlined kitchen.


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