Small Kitchen Design


Small Kitchens Designed to Suit your Space

A great kitchen design is not only about choosing the right components for your kitchen, but also choosing the right placement for them. For a small kitchen design, ensuring the layout is right will give you a kitchen that’s a joy to be in - with everything in a logical place that works for you.

Here we discuss the ways in which the Jag Kitchens Design Team can support you throughout the process of designing a small kitchen layout that suits your lifestyle and budget.

Hassle Free & Tailor Made

Jag Kitchens will make designing your new kitchen hassle free - and can provide total project management, ensuring the turn-around time for being without a working kitchen is minimal.

Your Jag Kitchens design consultant is beside you through every step of the installation process to ensure your expectations are being met. Your new kitchen design will be custom-sized and specifically designed to best fit the shape of your small kitchen renovation - and budget.

We'll be beside you every step of the way, not only designing a kitchen to fit your space, but your budget too!

Small Kitchen Space with Everything in its Place

The basic principle of a small kitchen 'Work Zone' is to divide the kitchen up into different areas, or “zones,” in which components and appliances are grouped together according to their use.

The first step in determining the work zones for your kitchen are to identify the functions and tasks you’ll be using your kitchen for. This is where your Jag Kitchens design consultant can really work their magic.

At Jag Kitchens we use state of the art Computer Aided Design (CAD) software that enables clients to see exactly what their kitchen will look like in 3D. The added bonus of this is that we also have our own manufacturing plant, which connects to this software.

Corners are an opportunity for great storage

Kitchen corner solutions are one of the biggest challenges in New Zealand kitchens. Our houses are often designed with a small, square kitchen space giving at least 2 corners in a “U” or “G” layout. The traditional corner solution is often inadequate, and results in a hard-to-reach corner where miscellaneous kitchen items become lost!

Our designers can talk you through the new options available for small kitchen cabinet ideas and storage, which ensures less time is spent crouching down, straining your back and looking for that lost cake tin in the back of the cupboard!

You can read more here about our small kitchen corner solutions or check out some of our case studies such as the above, detailing kitchen make-overs when our design team have helped clients to open up small kitchen spaces and utilise spaces that were previously redundant.

Interested in a new kitchen design but still have some questions?

No problem. Perhaps you are working through some small kitchen renovation ideas and would like our input? Or maybe having to measure your own kitchen is an issue or are unsure of the overall process?

Check out our case studies for real-life kitchen renovations, specifically ones that have had small kitchen layouts to work with.

You can also head over to our Why Jag page, give us a call, visit the showroom or book in to make an appointment with one of our design consultants, free of charge. We look forward to hearing from you.