Splashbacks – What Are My Options?

It sometimes feels as though there are an enormous number of options available to choose from for splashback designs, which can be overwhelming. At Jag Kitchens we’ve narrowed it down into two categories to help decipher the ins and outs of splashback options for your kitchen design.

Part of choosing the right splashback design for your kitchen, is choosing the right material to suit your needs. One of the most popular splashback options available is glass, due to its clean, contemporary and long-lasting look.

Glass splashbacks create durable and easy-to-clean spaces, while still maintaining modernity within your kitchen design. You might choose to have a printed, painted, mirrored or antique glass splashback based on your kitchen design, which are all readily available from our reputable supplier, Image Glass.

Another on-trend material for a splashback option is tiles. Tiles can come in a range of shapes and textures, and you may choose a coloured grout for pops of colour or drama. Keep in mind that some tiled splashbacks do tend to take a little more work to keep clean, due to the detailing and various spaces from grouting, but they are very beautiful and tend to create another dimension to a kitchen design.

A step-up from traditional tiles, are the large format ceramic sheets offered by Laminam™ proving an easy clean format, like glass but with the texture options of tiles.

A cost effective solution for a splashback where colour options are less critical is Durpoal Pyroex splashbacks. This is a compact high-pressure laminate available in 4 colours; both fire retardant and scratch resistant. With a 3 day lead time and easy installation, it can be the perfect solution for splashbacks needed in a hurry. Check out the Amorini website for more details.

Things to consider when choosing a splashback for your modern kitchen:


  • Does the material you have chosen suit your needs and functionality within your kitchen design?
  • When deciding on your choice of splashback material, consider things such as cleaning, the size and space of your splashback area, as well as lighting.
  • Proximity to cooktops may dictate your choice of materials; consulting with an experienced kitchen designer will help you make the right selection given your appliances.

Colour, Pattern and Texture

  • Would you like your splashback to hold centre stage in your modern kitchen, as a brightly painted or printed feature, or would you prefer your splashback to merge seamlessly to allow other features to be prominent?
  • Think of the other colours within your kitchen; from the benchtops, cabinets and lighting.
  • Colour and pattern can also influence the space and feel of your kitchen design, from assisting to open and lighten a space, or adding a more cosy, intimate feel.
  • Texture can add depth the look and feel of your kitchen but consider the dominate style of cooking that will take place in your kitchen; since frying will deposit a film of grease on kitchen surfaces, you may rue the day you selected a textured splashback.

Check out our Case Studies for some kitchen design inspiration, or click on the images in this post to see more!

Remember, our experienced Jag Kitchen Designers are here to help you in your decision making process, so let us know what you have in mind, and we’ll help you choose a splashback that is right for you.


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