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Kitchens with a POP of colour

Colourful backsplash | Jag KitchensColourful kitchens can often be placed in the ‘too hard’ basket. While some people have a very clear vision of exactly how to mix and match the colours they want to include, others might not know how to get started – and that can be overwhelming. The fear of ‘getting it wrong’ can weigh heavily, and so colours can often be scrapped altogether in favour of a more neutral based colour scheme.

Colourful, bright kitchens aren’t for everyone, and there is definitely merit in neutral kitchens – especially for those that are renovating their home and kitchen to then on-sell. But if you have your heart set on some colour and are unsure how to get started, here are our top tips from the Jag Kitchens experts.

Decide how much colour you like

You may decide you would like to start slowly, with a few ‘pops’ of colour throughout your kitchen, or you may want to be daring and bold with full-colour cabinetry. Whether you decide to go full-steam-ahead with vibrant walls and cabinets, or elevate your space with some pops of colourful accents and appliances, adding a splash of colour can turn relatively plain kitchen into a standout design.

Neon Lighting

Unique pop of colour | Jag Kitchens

Seeing the words ‘neon lighting’ may give you visions of takeaways signage, but we can assure you it’s not quite the same! This trend has been modernised to a point where it can add a super trendy statement to your kitchen. Neon word lighting is verypopular and shows no signs of slowing down – from family surnames, to food or drink-based slogans, it’s a fun way to add a pop of colour and brightness to your kitchen. Check out our recent Pinterest board for some inspiration on this upcoming trend.

A Splash of Colour

Splashbacks are a great way to add a bright and colourful feature to your kitchen without having to commit to larger elements such as walls or cabinets. When considering which colour to select for a splashback, think of the other colours within your kitchen; from the benchtops, cabinets and lighting. Colourful patterns can also influence the space and feel of your kitchen design, by either assisting to break up blocks of colour, or to assist with tying different colourways together for a seamless look.

Colourful Appliances

By and large, one of the most effective ways to add additional colour to your kitchen without over committing, is through the use of appliances and accessories. Luckily, many small appliance brands have cottoned onto this, and it has become more commonplace to be able to source and find the likes of toasters and kettles in myriad of colours, as well as larger scale items such as refrigerators and ovens. If you are utilising any open-style shelving in your kitchen, also consider the types of accessories you’ll have on display – from colourful crockery, glassware, cake stands and vases, there are plenty of colourful items out there to choose from.

Kitchen Island Backsplash

Kitchen colour on an island | Jag KitchensYour kitchen island or breakfast bar backsplash is the perfect place to consider injecting a fun pop of colour! This area of kitchen design is becoming increasingly popular to create a feature or statement focal point with. The great thing about working with this element is that it is not too overpowering, and is fantastic to contrast with your kitchen island barstools. Similar to your splashback, play around with colours, tones and textures – we’re seeing both block colours and fun tiling and texture being used!

For further inspiration, check out the Jag Kitchens Pinterest Page which details several boards including Kitchens with Pops of Colour, Kitchen Island Backsplashes and Colourful Kitchen Appliances.

It is always best to discuss your kitchen design aspirations with a professional kitchen designer who will be able to craft your vision and ensure it suits the style and space of your home. Jag Kitchens’ professional design consultants can do just that, whilst also ensuring your new kitchen is delivered on time and within budget.

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