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Designing your new kitchen online with Jag Kitchens


As the country continues to stay home to ensure our ongoing safety and health during the pandemic, you may be finding yourself in the middle of stalled renovation plans. Perhaps you were planning a new kitchen design this year, but are unsure if this is now plausible during lockdown restrictions and temporary closure of various services.

Designing your new kitchen online with Jag KitchensAt Jag, we have made it as seamless as possible for our clients to continue their planning and design process, despite being at home. In fact, you might find that designing your new kitchen from home is the perfect project to keep you busy! Below are our top tips and resources for planning your dream kitchen from the comfort of your own home.

1. Familiarise yourself with the process

The kitchen planning process can seem daunting and overwhelming, which is why we have devised a five step process to make buying and installing your new kitchen as easy, enjoyable and satisfying as possible. You can view our Process page for all the details, and you’ll note that step one is all about the design brief. This is when you will liaise with your kitchen design consultant to discuss the design and budget for your new kitchen.

2. Research your preferred design and materials

During your first appointment with Jag Kitchens (which can be held online via zoom), your designer will want to know all about your aspirations for your new kitchen. What type of benchtop do you prefer? What sort of cabinetry do you have your eye on? What about splashbacks and hardware? How about lighting? It’s a lot to consider, and can feel overwhelming.

Below are some resources to help you decipher these options, that you can explore from home and online.

  • BenchtKitchen lighting with Jag Kitchensops: Check out our guide for the pros and cons of various benchtop options, their comparative pricing and durability for different lifestyles.
  • Cabinets: See our cabinet door comparison guide to decipher the various materials available and what might be the best fit for your new kitchen.
  • Splashbacks: Part of choosing the right splashback design for your kitchen, is choosing the right material to suit your needs. You can check out our comparative splashback chart here, and download a complimentary infographic for your resources.
  • Lighting: Kitchen lighting is more than just ceiling lights. Here we discuss the various kitchen lighting options available and how best to utilise them throughout your new kitchen.
  • Kitchen Layout: This is important to your overall design, because it will dictate how and where you place task areas within your new kitchen. Read our blog here on how to create the perfect layout for your kitchen.

3. Take a look at what others have done with their kitchens

Sometimes when you’re in your own kitchen every day, it’s hard to imagine what or how you may update it. Some clients know straight away how they would like their new design to look and function, but others just know that their current design isn’t working for them.

Take a look through our Case Studies section to see what previous Jag Kitchens clients have done. You may find some inspiration or ideas, or similar situations to your own!

4. Get “pinspired”

Get 'pinspired' | Jag Kitchens

Pinterest is a fantastic platform for sharing unique, creative and aesthetic ideas for home renovations. From neutral to colourful palettes, unique storage ideas, beautiful bencthops and stunning splashbacks, you can find plenty of inspiration here for your next kitchen design.

You can visit the Jag Kitchens Pinterest account here, where we have categorised our boards into specific colours, themes and materials.

5. Book your appointment with your professional kitchen designer

At Jag Kitchens, our team are professional kitchen designers with years of experience. Their wealth of knowledge will help to take all of your research and ideas, to turn them into a feasible kitchen design that is kept within your specified budget. While we remain in lockdown, your designer can arrange your complimentary design quote and appointment via zoom call.

Book your design appointment below, and don’t forget to outline any specific questions or concerns you have! Our design team will be happy to talk you through the process, from start to finish.