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Deciding to create a predominantly black kitchen is a brave move, but one that can prove highly successful when done right.

While all-white and neutral palette kitchens are a perpetual favourite due to their clean and fresh feel, designing a black kitchen is quickly becoming a popular trend in kitchen design.

Our kitchen design consultant team have worked with a number of clients to help them turn their tired and old kitchens into sleek, monochromatic spaces. Below we share our tips on how to use this current trend to your advantage, without leaving your kitchen out-dated once the trend has done it’s dash.

Your Space:

Keep in mind that the size of your space will play a part in whether or not a lot of dark, black features will suit your kitchen. The use of darker colours generally makes a space feel more enclosed, so it is important to consider this when deciding on which parts of your kitchen you would like to ‘pop’ or stand out against dark cabinetry, tiling or benchtops.

Monochrome kitchen by Jag Kitchens


Acrylic gloss in a dark shade such as ‘Carbon’ can ensure that tighter spaces are opened up due to their reflective nature. Acrylic gloss is a highly reflective cabinetry choice, which almost brings ‘the outside inside’ due to it’s shiny finish.


The colour and pattern of a splashback can very much influence the space and feel of your kitchen design, from assisting to open and lighten a space, or adding a more cosy, intimate feel. If you have chosen black cabinetry for example, you may decide to utilise a neutral coloured splashback, to ensure the space doesn’t feel to closed in. Comparatively, you could decide to use a black splash back design through the use of a coloured glass, or monochromatic tiles – black tiles with white grouting, or vice versa.

Black and timber kitchen | Jag Kitchens


Black kitchens usually take on a modern and bold feeling with a slight industrial vibe. This can be complemented by natural elements such as granite and engineered stone benchtops. A popular choice in engineered stone benchtops is a simple white or neutral tone, which allows a sharp contrast to darker cabinetry and brings light into the space.


Gone are the days of appliances without a choice of colour! Fridges, ovens, microwaves and coffee machines can blend in seamlessly with the design of your kitchen to ensure your choices are kept consistent. Choosing the right appliance for your kitchen can be tricky, but Fisher & Paykel offer a fantastic range of appliances to choose from, including the ever popular stainless steel.

Sleek black kitchen | Jag Kitchens


Due to the colour palette you’re working with, it’s a good idea to consider which spaces will need to be well-lit. Think of benches and task areas, as well as places that you may want to entertain in or need mood or ambient lighting. We are well versed in the various lighting options available to suit your needs – whether it be overhead, in-cabinet or under-bench. There are a fantastic range of options available to you, and our kitchen design consultant team can talk you through these.

Whether you’d like to opt for pops of monochrome or dive head first into the black kitchen trend, there’s a lot to consider when planning your new kitchen. Hopefully we’ve given you some things to think about when it comes to implementing a black or monochrome kitchen trend.

Jag Kitchens can help you design a custom-sized kitchen to suit your space and needs. Take a look through our latest case study featuring the black kitchen trend, or Pinterest board for more inspiration, then book your appointment for a free quote in the Jag Kitchens showroom.