A place for every appliance keeps the benchtops clear | Jag Kitchens

Fresh, bright and beautiful – are three words that now describe Rachael and Steve White’s new kitchen, designed and completely transformed by Jag Kitchens. Taking this busy entrepreneurial couple’s kitchen from dull and dated to modern and daring, Jag achieved this in a seamless and no-nonsense way.

Rachael and Steve each have their own businesses and needed a new kitchen design solution that helped make their busy lives easier – good access storage to make preparing meals less time consuming, and all this in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. Rachael confirms that Jag Kitchens was able to meet that brief spot on.

Rachael and Steve’s new un-cluttered, contemporary, clean and more practically designed kitchen. | Jag Kitchens

Rachael and Steve’s new un-cluttered, contemporary, clean and more practically designed kitchen.

“Jag Kitchens’ approach made the whole kitchen transformation project seamless. In my view, the kitchen is the most used part of the house, so it’s got to work well. Jag’s approach was down to earth, organised, practical and efficient. The new design just works so well for us, and the whole process just went so smoothly.”

As busy business owners, Rachael and Steve needed a practical kitchen that saved them time, maximised space but was also an expression of them.

“I love that our kitchen is the result of our design and colour ideas. It was a total transformation. There is also have less clutter, more drawers versus cupboards which allows easy access and saves time.  It’s just such a better use of space – we couldn’t move the walls as the bathroom is next door so whilst we were restricted with the space area, the end result feels spacious and big,” explains Rachael.

Rachael and Steve are “not beige people”, and they knew what they liked. They felt that the Jag Kitchens team really listened, understood what they wanted and helped to bring their design ideas to life.

“We were clear on what we wanted, but they encouraged us to go with the final splashback colour. My husband Steve wanted a bright colour, and we both wanted something bold, light and bright,” says Rachael.

The White's kitchen prior to it's transformation. | Jag Kitchens

The White’s kitchen prior to it’s transformation.

“The bright splashback was a great solution for us, as the yellow keeps the natural warm light flowing through from the windows, making the kitchen appear bigger and it won’t date like other colours can.”

The old kitchen felt cluttered and often they were looking for utensils and moving backwards and forwards for high-use items like plates and cups – a frustrating time waster, with deep corner cupboards that were never ventured into as well as a dated full-length corner pantry with poor use of the space.

Rachael says her and Steve now enjoy the luxury of the soft-closing drawers.

“The drawers give us so much more space to fit everything, including the kettle and toaster in their own small cupboard. Bench and floor clutter are a pet hate so the simple change to under-bench rubbish and recycling were a priority – all happily out of sight, out of mind under the bench.”

Overall, Rachael and Steve felt the whole experience was made all the more impressive by the quality of the Jag Kitchens partners involved. The process started with the design sessions at the Jag showroom, but the entire team including Jag’s installers and all the sub trades recommended worked professionally and efficiently.

A place for every appliance keeps the benchtops clear. | Jag Kitchens

A place for every appliance keeps the benchtops clear.

“Jag Kitchens’ business standards not only impressed us – all the people involved were always efficient and turned up when they said they would. The plumber and tiler went out of their way to get things done – and as a business owner myself, I work to the same ethos, so this was just gold!”

Jag Kitchens specialise in custom-sized kitchens and have their own manufacturing plant. The designers use a state of the art 3D computer design programme to show clients beforehand exactly how their new kitchen will look.

Jag Kitchens has an excellent reputation for designing and building for all budgets and for providing an outstanding design service with sound advice. Pop into the Jag Kitchens showroom at the Botany Downs Town Centre for more information on a wide range of materials and design options or to see more kitchen examples.

Their advice and design service is free of charge so book an appointment now!