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Designing your new kitchen is a big deal – there are lots of decisions to make with the most important being what materials and finishes to use and of course what colours! Here we discuss why a neutral colour palette is the most practical and stylish when creating the kitchen of your dreams.

With two decades of experience, Jag Kitchens can bring to life your design ideas and install your ultimate dream kitchen with minimum fuss. Our designers can provide helpful colour ideas and design detailing, while listening to your ideas and aligning it to current trends or space requirements.

One of the key reasons for considering a neutral colour palette when creating your ultimate dream kitchen, is that it makes a small space (or in fact any space) look bigger. Lighter colours give the appearance of space and openness. Space and openness assists the perception of ‘flow’ and therefore increased size. A neutral colour palate will ensure your modern kitchen feels open, spacious and welcoming rather than dark and closed in – regardless of its actual size.

In the event of selling your home, neutral colours will also appeal to a wider audience. They say that the kitchen sells a home – and they’re right, so the more people who like the kitchen, the better. Being the heart of the home, a kitchen can set the tone for how a house feels. Light and bright brings a positive vibe, which is also a positive selling point to potential buyers.

Neutral colours are also less likely to date. Your home will always appear modern and contemporary because your kitchen is. Light colours also appear cleaner – dark colours show water marks, finger prints and food smears more readily – so less cleaning for light coloured kitchens! Or simply, a cleaner looking kitchen.

To ensure your newly designed modern kitchen has flair and reflects you, it is easier and more cost effective to add colour with accessories that are not so permanent. A funky fruit bowl, a print or coloured clock, modern hanging lights or cool bar stools are just some examples.

You can also add interest by choosing the cabinetry in a textured finish (available in most colours) rather than using a change of colour to make your kitchen ‘wow’! There are many other ways to add texture; a hexagonal tiled splash back, or funky light fittings or a textured marbled bench top to name just a few.

And neutral doesn’t mean restrictive or pedestrian either. At Jag Kitchens we have a wide range of different neutral colours in many different finishes to help you create the stand out modern kitchen of your dreams.

A timeless trend is for most of the the design to remain neutral, but adding a few contrasting features that can be easily updated or removed, such as interesting handles or textures. The final effect is truly stunning and modern, yet won’t easily date.

Following on from the timelessness of trends in Europe, we see the continuation of many light timber-grain materials. The end result is a light and airy space, and the added bonus is that textured cabinetry tends to show less fingerprinting! You can see the effect here in one of our case studies, of a kitchen installation for a family in Howick.

The beauty of choosing Jag Kitchens is that our experienced designers know what works and what doesn’t – and can help you make choices you can be confident in. We’ll be beside you all the way turning your dream into reality!