Why Should I Choose Jag Kitchens?


Our design experience, quality control, innovative product development and excellent client relationships are all part of the reason that people choose Jag Kitchens over other kitchen installation companies.

When you begin a relationship with Jag you will be assured of the following:

You can trust the team at Jag to listen to your needs in order to design and create the kitchen of your dreams. The kitchen is the hub of the home and one of the main focal points of a house, so we will take your ideas and guide you through the process to ensure the finished product is entirely practical while fitting your design brief.

Open Communication

From the very beginning the Jag Kitchens design team offers open communication to ensure you are confident with each step towards your new kitchen.

We are here when it suits you. We understand life can be busy, so at Jag Kitchens we ensure we are flexible and available 7 days a week to make enquiring, buying and installing kitchens as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Planning your kitchen and not sure where to start? Take a look through our gallery, case studies and blogs as a starting point for ideas.

Designs in process wih Jag Kitchens

Want to talk through your ideas? We’d love to chat. We have many different ways to contact us so that it is as convenient and hassle free as possible for you. No big questionnaires or long forms to fill in! We have an online live chat support window, or you can email or phone us - or of course you can pop into our Showroom in the Botany Town Centre.

Feeling unsure about how it works? We know it can feel overwhelming. That’s why we have create an easy to follow five step process so you understand every phase of your new kitchen installation.

Remove the Guesswork from the Design

Are you finding it hard to visualise how your new kitchen might look?

We'll remove the costly guesswork from the equation and give you peace of mind by showing you your final kitchen design in 3D - prior to any products being made. This means you can check every angle and how it will fit into place before you sign off!

At Jag Kitchens we use state of the art Computer Aided Design (CAD) software that enables clients to see exactly what their kitchen will look like in 3D. The added bonus of this is that we also have a close working relationship with the local manufacturing plant, which connects to this software.

It will feed all information and kitchen measurements to our sophisticated production machinery ensuring accuracy and flexibility with changes - meaning no costly mistakes!

Hassle Free & Tailor Made

Jag Kitchens makes designing your new kitchen hassle free - and can provide total project management, ensuring the turn-around time for being without a working kitchen is minimal.

Your Jag Kitchens design consultant is beside you through every step of the installation process to ensure your expectations are being met. We also offer a full building and trades management service if you need it, ensuring the process from start to finish is fully managed by us - and stress free for you.

With the manufacturing facilities located just down the road from our Showroom, we can ensure your kitchen is tailor-made to suit.

Kitchen Designers not Kitchen Salesmen

We employ kitchen designers, not kitchen sales people. We aren’t here to design you a kitchen that you don’t need, or include extra bling for a commission.

Jacquie Brown chooses her finishes at Jag Kitchens showroom

Our designers are just that - qualified kitchen designers who love to take customers’ ideas and turn them into fully functional, fabulous kitchens. You can check this out for yourself and see what other happy clients have to say, by visiting our testimonials and case studies pages.

We partner with all the best suppliers at our disposal, such as Blum and Stefano Orlati. We don’t use any products sourced from cheap knock-off companies, so you can be assured that your kitchen products are supplied by high quality partners that Jag Kitchens consultants value and stand by.

Our experienced designers will show you where you should save and where you should spend when it comes to selecting these particular products for your new kitchen, ensuring your final design is the best quality for your budget.

Sensible Pricing with a Quick Turnaround

At Jag Kitchens, you are never left guessing if the design you have been shown fits your budget. We will give you up front costs in an obligation-free quote, and help to ensure our kitchen design meets the budget you have.

By having a close working relationship with the local bench top factory, Jag Kitchens reduces the wait time for a standard stone bench top to five working days after the cabinet installation.

The industry standard wait-time for a bench top install is generally an extra 10 working days once your kitchen has been installed. Here at Jag Kitchens we don’t think that’s good enough. And because of their in-house fabrication of

Build Process by Jag Kitchens

engineered stone bench tops, we can assure Jag Kitchens customers that we’ll halve the industry standard - they’ll have their bench top install within 5 working days.

Why wait longer when you can have your kitchen back up and running sooner, with Jag Kitchens?

Interested in a kitchen but still have some questions?

That’s fine with us, just get in touch. We would love to partner with you to design a kitchen that you have always dreamed of. The beauty of choosing Jag Kitchens is that our experienced designers know what works and what doesn’t – and can help you make design choices that you can be confident in.

Call into our Showroom to discuss your kitchen ideas, or book an appointment via our online booking form.