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Have you ever considered a colourful design for your kitchen? How about a blue kitchen? You should! A colourful kitchen, specifically a blue kitchen, is one of 2018’s most coveted trends.

A fresh alternative offering to the popular neutral kitchens of yesteryear, a colourful kitchen needn’t be a hodge-podge of cluttered colours and style, but a versatile palette which still remains timeless and manageable.

Here are seven options to style or create a colourful kitchen (not all at the same time), so you can imagine what a striking shade of colour would look like in your next kitchen design with Jag Kitchens.

  • Colourful kitchen splashback with Jag KitchensStatement Splashbacks
    There are plenty of options available here to ensure your splashback adds a pop of colour and/or texture to your kitchen design. Choose from coloured glass, tiles, or even a print or metallic spray. If the space above your bench top and stove top merges into a larger wall, consider using a back-painted glass backsplash that compliments the colour of the surrounding wall.
  • Feature Walls
    Painting just one wall can completely transform a room, and it is such an effective and easy transformation to achieve They can be a high impact colour which stands out completely from anything else in your kitchen, or you could pull your inspiration from existing kitchen decor to tone in the overall design.Colourful kitchen blackboard with Jag KitchensBlackboard walls are another evolution of the feature wall, and in the kitchen are functional and fun, adding colour and personality that can change right along with your mood. Even better, they’re easy to change up based on the day’s activities or events which makes them a favourite kitchen design piece for busy young families on the go.
  • The art of Art
    Hanging artwork strategically throughout your kitchen can add colour and points of interest that spruce up a colourful kitchen and make it more personalised.
  • Open Shelving
    Open shelving provides an opportunity to introduce some contrast in a colourful kitchen design. If you’ve chosen colourful shelving, try housing neutral dinnerware (i.e. white, cream etc) on them to create a contrast and point of difference.Colourful Kitchen accessories with Jag KitchensIf your open shelving is neutral, brighten them up with some colourful plates, ornaments and kitchenware. Be sure to keep a little space in between the items that are on the shelf, to ensure they don’t look to crammed in and cluttered.Alternatively, if you have open shelving or cabinets whose interiors can be seen from the outside (i.e. glass doors), you could look at painting the inside of an open cabinet for an instant colourful effect.
  • Choose Colourful Cookware
    Don’t underestimate the visual impact of vibrantly coloured accessories. If the fixed elements in your kitchen design stick to muted and neutral tones, introduce colour through the use of accessories such as linen, ornaments and ceramics.
  • Living Colour
    Growing a small herb garden or series of interest pot plants in your kitchen space doesn’t just create a colourful kitchen, but can add scent, taste (for the herbs) and a dynamic element as well. To grow herbs cleverly while saving benchtop space, try a living wall or hanging pot plants to colour the walls with interesting, living colour all in one go.
  • Colourful seating with Jag KitchensSeating with Style

Dining area looking a bit dull and muted? Look at swapping out your matching dining chairs or barstools in favour of more interesting options. You could potentially paint them for a DIY weekend project, replace them with a set of mismatched colourful vintage chairs, or simply give them a makeover with new slipcovers or cushions.

The beauty of choosing Jag Kitchens for your new kitchen install is that our experienced designers know what works and what doesn’t – and can help you make choices that you can be confident in. Take a look at our online gallery for some further colourful kitchen design inspiration, and then get in touch.

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