Benchtop Choices


Confused about benchtop choices? Here's the pros and cons of each.


This is the most cost effective option, with over 300 colour selections to choose from. The bonus of this material benchtop is they arrive with your kitchen cabinets, so there is no delay with installation.

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This is a reasonably priced option, if used in straight runs. Stainless steel is available in a range of different finishes - smooth, textured, etc. It is very impact and heat resistant so a great choice for hard-wearing for family kitchens.

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A very popular choice due to its contemporary look. Dependent on thickness, can compete very well price-wise with laminate. A good colour selection available and provides reasonable heat and impact resistance.

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These tend to be similar in price to engineered stone bench tops. An advantage is that acrylic benchtops have no visible joins, so long and creative bench tops are possible. They also can be repaired and re-polished when necessary.

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Most people choose engineered stone over concrete. Precision handcrafted and customised to your personal needs, an engineered stone bench can replicate a concrete bench look and is a durable and stylish addition to your modern kitchen.

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Adding value, warmth and charm plus available in a range of timbers – from New Zealand natives to Australian and other overseas exotic varieties - there is a natural timber finish to suit your individual kitchen needs.

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At Jag Kitchens, we offer custom-sized bench tops to your specifications as part of your overall kitchen build.

We don't offer singular benchtop orders, but if it’s a kitchen makeover you're after, then here are the reasons why you should consider using Jag.

Having a close working relationship with our local benchtop factory has allowed us to halve the industry-standard wait time for a stone benchtop to five working days after your cabinet installation.

Download a Jag Kitchens Benchtop Comparison PDF

Download a Jag Kitchens
Benchtop Comparison PDF

When advising you on benchtop options, we need to start with a discussion about your lifestyle and likely budget.

A family with active young children has very different needs in terms of durability than a couple whose grown-up children have left home. A young couple starting out in their first home are likely to have a lower budget to work with than someone building or renovating a high end property.

One of the questions we will ask you is whether you are likely to be selling your home in the short to medium term. Intending buyers have definite expectations about what materials a kitchen should be constructed from depending on the value of the house they are purchasing.

A rule of thumb is that once a property is selling for more than $800,000 buyers are likely to expect that a stone top of some type is included.

Once the price exceeds $950,000 the cabinet doors would usually be upgraded to acrylic, lacquer or a wrapped vinyl finish.

The most cost effective combination of materials is melamine cabinets and a laminate benchtop. Most customers choosing to upgrade from this combination tend to spend additional money on upgrading to a stone benchtop.

While it might seem unusual, cabinet door finishes tend to become less durable as you spend more. In contrast, bench tops tend to become more durable as you spend more moving up from laminate to stone.

If you would like more information or would like to discuss the various benchtop options available for your kitchen makeover, please call into Jag’s Showroom in the Botany Town Centre (right next to The Warehouse) or phone or email for a design appointment.

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