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Choosing efficient kitchen lighting for your new kitchen renovation is essential to the overall functionality of your kitchen. However, choices for kitchen lighting encompass more than just ceiling lighting – below our designs discuss the various kitchen lighting options.


Underbench lighting with Jag Kitchens

At Jag Kitchens we’ve separated kitchen lighting options into three distinct categories to help you through your lighting design decision making for your new kitchen.

Available in various modern features to fit seamlessly into your kitchen design, Jag Kitchens has a fantastic range of quality kitchen lighting to suit your needs. Points to consider when making a decision on your kitchen lighting include choosing a lighting design that both matches the mood you would like to create, as well as the purpose and function of the area.

Combining Under Bench, In-Cabinet, or Sensor & Motion Remote Control with an LED lighting option, means not only will your kitchen design shine in all the right places, the lighting itself will be safe, energy efficient and low maintenance.

Here are our top three tips to consider when choosing kitchen lighting options for your new kitchen design:

Kitchen lighting by Jag Kitchens

Purpose: Would you like to to light up a particular area or space for a specific function? You may want to highlight a specific design feature in your kitchen, or a task area for kitchen work such as a benchtop or cook top. Under-bench kitchen lighting is a great option to utilise for specific purposes such as these, as it allows you to add extra light to spaces you would like to highlight or enhance.

Mood: This is an important point to consider, particularly if your kitchen design is open plan to include a dining or social space. Your lighting design should match the mood you would like to create. For example Sensor & Motion Remote Control dimmer lighting is an efficient way to create an intimate atmosphere around the dining area, while still maintaining the lighting you may need in other parts of your kitchen at the same time.

Function: Ensure your lighting choices help with the overall functionality of your kitchen instead of hindering the design. In-cabinet lighting, similar to under-bench, is an effective lighting design for both functional and decorative purposes. This lighting option works specifically well in an island kitchen design to highlight a display of artwork, or in hard-to- reach cabinets where a little lighting offers a helping hand in finding the right kitchen utensil you’re after.

Working with trusted partners to adapt ideal kitchen lighting to enhance your space, Jag Kitchen’s lighting designs are cost effective, durable, and perfectly adapted to complement your modern kitchen.

Book a free design consultation to discuss lighting options and a quote for your kitchen, or pop in to see us in the Jag Kitchens Showroom, located inside the Danske Mobler building at Botany Town Centre.