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There are three things that Becky Rutherford knew she didn’t want in her new timeless, classic kitchen.


Classic kitchen by Jag Kitchens“I had a kitchen space I didn’t like. It was a 90’s kitchen in beige and way too dark,” she says. “I knew I wanted a particular wall to come down, a better layout and to get rid of the carpet.”

A General Manager with Fusion5, Becky says that this is the one time she wanted to design the kitchen for herself, so that she could come home and relax after a hard day at work. “Our last two homes were renovated with the intention of selling them, but this home is for keeps. I think I will live here for another 50 years,” she laughs.

Once Becky contacted Jag Kitchens, the team worked with Becky on a wish list for her Bucklands Beach home. The Jag Kitchens design team was able to skillfully bring together a design that seamlessly blended contemporary with traditional.

The original kitchen had a floor plan that closed the space in. By removing a wall, it has opened the space up to make a more open-plan living area as well as bringing more light into the space. Elbowing for attention in the sparkling new kitchen is a sleek new benchtop in hard-wearing engineered stone in slate grey, to create a subtle contrast.

Classic white kitchen by Jag KitchensThe cabinets are white to keep the kitchen bright and spacious. They were taken up to the ceiling so that there is no room for dust to collect. It is a classic kitchen, but with a contemporary twist with the appliances being very modern.

The doors are Dezignatek Levante Series 3 – which creates a decorative profile on the doors. The classic kitchen design fits in well with the original features of the house. A fully integrated dishwasher along with accessible corner cabinets, a pull-out pantry as well as an on-bench pantry add to the clean finish. Getting rid of the clutter on the benchtop is a big positive for Becky who is thrilled that she can put everything away.

“The kitchen is clean, practical and most importantly there is no clutter.”

She admits that she contacted Jag Kitchens after a bit of trepidation, thinking it may be a tad expensive but was in for a pleasant surprise. “I was expecting a quote to be much more than it cost me since they are located in Danske Mobler, which is a bit posh. Earlier I had planned to get three quotes but ended up not contacting anyone else. I am really surprised by the price and what you get for that,” Becky happily admits.

She further reveals that she took her dad – who is experienced in the building industry – along with her to ask the all-important questions and he was impressed with the answers. Becky is grateful that Jag Kitchens took the stress out of the kitchen renovation.

Classic white cabinetry with Jag Kitchens“They made the process very simple and at no point did I feel, ‘oh my god how am I going to manage this’. The builder and the electrician they recommended were so good. It all worked out really well,” she smiles.

Jag Kitchens specialise in custom-designed kitchens and have their own manufacturing plant. The staff also use a state-of- the-art 3D computer design programme to show clients beforehand exactly how their new kitchen will look.

Jag Kitchens has an excellent reputation for designing and building for all budgets and for providing an outstanding design service with sound advice. Their professional design quotes are free of charge.

Visit the Jag Kitchens Showroom, located inside the Danske Mobler building at the Botany Town Centre, for more information on a wide range of materials and design options or to see more kitchen examples.