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Indoor Outdoor Flow in your Kitchen Design

Here in New Zealand, us kiwis are no strangers to the great outdoors. So it’s not surprising to see a new kitchen design trend on the rise – indoor outdoor flow!

Now you might be thinking, ‘that’s not a new concept’ – and you’d be correct. Indoor outdoor flow has been a buzzword used for interior design concepts for many years. The difference this time is how it is being implemented within kitchen design specifically.

Let’s take a look at some of the design components for this kitchen trend.

Connection to the outdoors

When you think of the term ‘indoor outdoor flow’, you will most likely envisage a space that connects effortlessly to your backyard patio or deck – or to an outdoor entertainment. Especially throughout the warmer months, we look to extend our cooking areas to the outdoors. Kiwis love to host barbecues, pizza oven parties, dinner parties and get togethers – which are usually held outdoors if and when the weather allows. The key is in how you connect your outdoor entertainment to your indoor kitchen design.

Kitchen indoor outdoor flow

Photo via Landscapes WA on Pinterest

Bi-folds and Benchtops

A continuation of a benchtop between the indoors and outdoors is an effective way to guarantee a smooth indoor outdoor flow. Kitchens that have outdoor-facing windows have an opportunity to install bi-fold windows which will help to open the space up fully, which creates a great entertaining space between the kitchen and outdoor area.

A continuation of the kitchen’s benchtop extending right out to the exterior as a bar beneath the windowsill is perfect for guests to sit at while the host is busy in the kitchen, and also doubles as a great buffet-style serving space for outdoor get-togethers. This kitchen design technique is one of the most popular, because it works well in all types of spaces – regardless of how compact your outdoor area is. In fact, bar-style windows will help you save on space!

A doorway to the outdoors

Bi-fold windows are definitely a popular choice for creating a seamless flow between your kitchen and dining space, and the outdoors. You can maximise this design technique further by also utilising bi-fold or sliding doors. In the height of summer, there’s nothing more satisfying than folding back the doors for an uninterrupted (and breezy!) flow between your outdoor space and kitchen. With bi-fold doors, the transition between two very separate spaces will become seamless.

Palette power

Natural kitchen elements

Image via Plint Interiors on Pinterest

By utilising some of the current on-trend nature hues within your kitchen, you will automatically feel a sense of connection between the interior and outdoors. Choose colours for your kitchen design that complement your outdoor space and the natural tones reflected. Muted greens, greys, creams and warm timber all work well in kitchens designed to flow to outdoor spaces. You can find some of these fabulous tones on offer in Melteca’s ‘Tones of New Zealand’ range, in which they have taken inspiration specifically from the New Zealand landscape for their collection.

Natural Elements

Similarly to your kitchen colour palette, pairing your design with natural and light materials like exposed wooden shelving, engineered stone benchtops, and nature-inspired accents will provide an earthy and natural style that mirrors the outdoors. Glass and stone details through use of splashback materials also provide a means to add the final touches to your kitchen design. We have also noted the use of plenty more well-placed botanicals and greenery in kitchens – bringing the garden inside the home!

It is always best to discuss your kitchen design aspirations with a professional kitchen designer who will be able to craft your vision and ensure it suits the style and space of your home. Jag Kitchens’ professional design consultants can do just that, whilst also ensuring your new kitchen is delivered on time and within budget.

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